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How to capture chaturbate streams with VLC

February 23, 2019

That’s right, as you just read it, you will learn how to record your favorite shows on this great website with VLC. Although not believe it VLC is one of the most used players in the world, and has the function of recording everything you are doing on your PC, this program is similar to camtasia but without the option to edit the video. So if you were looking for how to record your favorite model to relive those moments at another time of the day, today I will show you how you use this fantastic tool.

First it is necessary that you have downloaded the program on your computer, you can download it from your website at no cost.

Step 1: After having downloaded the program we proceed to open it

Step 2: Having our program open, go to Media and click where it says: Open capture device

Step 3: After that we will see a box where we will modify some things Capture mode: here comes default Directshow and we must change it to Desktop

When we select desktop we will choose the frame rate, in this case we will place a rate between 30 and 60 frames, I would recommend 45 frames

After that we are going to press the arrow of the options in the “play” button so that we can choose the option Convert or Alt + O

Step 4: Now before giving “start” we must select Browse to choose the folder where we want our chaturbate videos to be saved, put a name and press “Save”

Step 5: Finally we press “Start” to start recording your favorite streaming

Step 6: Finally to stop the recording you should just go to the VLC program and give it to stop and you’ll have your transmission saved in the folder that you previously selected