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How to Get Free Chaturbate Tokens

Chaturbate has grown exponentially since its inception, and this has led to many users wanting to get more tokens to see the beautiful models broadcast live and give her so anxious tip. There are 3 main ways to get tokens in chaturbate, one of the simplest is to invite friends to join the web through you, another is using our tokens generator and finally it is broadcasting live, this in particular can make you win many tokens in just one week.

Is it possible to get tokens in chaturbate without transmitting?

The answer to this question is affirmative, if it is possible to get tokens without transmitting, everything is possible thanks to the chaturbate referral system.

You can earn tokens or money each time a referral is registered on the page; You also get a percentage of everything your referrals spend on the web. Chaturbate pays you $ 1 for each person who registers without this person confirming your email, so it’s very easy.

Imagine that one of your friends registers through your link and spends $ 100 in tokens, you will earn 20% of your spending so you will get $ 20, which you can charge or spend on a model of your choice.

To find the link that you must promote just go to the bottom of the web and click in affiliates.

One way to get referrals is to share your link in the main social networks, such as Facebook, twitter or Instagram. You can also create a website and write articles that talk about chaturbate, so you will get more interested.

Get Tokens Broadcasting Live

If you decide to get tokens in this way, there are some tips that can help you to achieve our goal more easily.

Create a new account: If you already have an account in chaturbate I would recommend that you create a new account, this is because new models or new users have a label in the room that says “NEW”, this lets you know the other users what the new models are, and observe which of them meets their requirements or expectations. You must take advantage of these 7 days to the maximum, since this label is only for that time, and in which you will have greater visibility.

While you have the label you have special shows, use the bots and apps to attract more audiences and get followers. If these followers add your room to favorites, every time you start a new transmission you can send them a notification to tell them that you are broadcasting, so you will have users from the beginning of your broadcast and with this many more visits will arrive.

Fill in your profile: If you have already created a new account the next step now is to fill out your profile, complete the bio and add a good sexy photo, remember what users will see the first 5 minutes of the transmission.

Quality of the image: This is very important, a good camera is not very expensive and will make a difference. You must have an HD webcam if you want to get more tokens in chaturbate.

Do not wait for them to enter your channel: If you are making your first transmissions, you have to get as many users as possible to enter your channel, this is achieved by adapting suggestive poses in front of the webcam. You just have to look at the rest of the transmissions to get an idea.

Be consistent: Try to broadcast daily during the first week at least 2 hours a day, this will increase the number of your followers and you create many new followers every day. Set an emission schedule and follow it. And if you already have your followers, do not forget to send them a notification that you are already transmitting.

Make private shows: this is one of the ways to earn more tokens, you can set a rate per minute, start with a low rate and increase it through the days.

Follow these tips and you can get tokens quickly, remember that image quality is very important and if you want more tokens Move! Smile! And have fun while doing your shows!